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Lytham Saint Annes

Painting & Decorating Specialist

With over 15 years experience on all sectors of the trade, CP Coatings have become one of the primary Painting and Decorating services in Lytham.
Internal and external, the CP Coatings team can provide all the decorating services any business requires.  From local shops and businesses to hotels and private accommodation.  We serve all sectors locally from Blackpool to Lytham St Annes and the North West (Lancashire).  We also cover the health and education sector not forgetting our high end residential side that delivers exceptional finishes for our clients.  
Wallpapering, High Quality Painting & Decorating, Sprayed finishes, floor coatings, complete renovations with designs or just a bit of general snagging on a few internal doors - CP Coatings (Local Painters and Decorators Lytham St Annes) can help you.

Exterior windows and doors including uPVC, Masonry walls with specialist waterproof coatings and textures.  Also shop fronts including bespoke designs to illustrate a style that suits you and your business.  All done by our designers at CP Coatings Lytham St Annes. 


We Are The Professionals 

CP Coatings Specialist Painters and Decorators of the Fylde Coast

We are passionate about fine decorative finishes and attention to detail. When it comes to any project we undertake we put our unique skills, experience and enthusiasm to it. Our clients are respectfully catered for when it comes to customer relations and project management.  All of our registered customers receive there very own welcome pack that contains vital information about the works they have selected CP Coating to perform. 

The package contains 

  • x1 CP Coatings note Pad

  • X1 CP Coating Folder 

  • x1 CP Coating business card with direct numbers to your tradesman.

  • x1 CP Coatings pen 


An Insight To Who We Are

As professional painters and decorators, CP Coatings specialises in all forms of high-quality decorative finishes for high end residential apartments to luxury period homes. We price our projects based on the current rates and offer our design services to our clients aswel. We aim to achieve maximum potential within our clients properties and deliver a standard of high quality workmanship when it comes to painting & decorating. The skills and experience we have gained as a business have been passed down through the generations by master craftsmen who learnt the trade using traditional means and methods in order to perform outstanding work. CP Coating are proud to offer its services to clients who demand the best in quality workmanship where care and attention to detail is mandatory.
Our highly skilled team of qualified painters and decorators can provide high-quality finishes for your building, block, office, or interior design project, listed building, heritage property, office redecoration, boutique hotel and many more. We can paint and decorate on an exceptional level proving us to be the best in what we do, hanging of traditional and modern wallpapers including murals and graphics, apply specialist coatings and finishes such as graining marbling and faux finish effects including gilding up to 18ct. We like to impress our clients and give them the comfort that they are with the right company with all of the skills from start to finish CP Coatings is a productive energetic business the work hard for it clients. We cover projects on both interior and exterior painting and decorating putting our focus and skills to the test when it comes to outstanding levels work.
We Can Price All Projects
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Painting & decorating

Luxury High End Residential Decorating

Exclusive Craftsmanship 

Luxury Residential Painting & Decorating 

A service that CP Coatings have created for people who want the best quality of painting and decorating, for sensitive people who pay attention to detail and want the best in there property. We guarantee a perfect finish of interior and exterior painting and decorating. Fully understanding the home environment and privacy every project has a well thought out precise action plans to minimize the burden on residents and is controlled regularly. We carry out rigorous quality control checks and always keep to the schedule quoted to the client.

For luxury projects, each painter and decorator is selected precisely in terms of the quality of work and there specialist skills.

quality Wallpapers 

Papers That Bring Inspiration 

Guidance on choosing the right wallpaper for you

Wallpaper can say a lot about you and your home, at CP Coating we like to give our clients as much advice as possible when it comes to finding the right wallpaper for the right rooms.

We offer an amazing service when it comes to wallpaper hanging and removal, our qualified decorators are elite when it comes to all aspects of the trade and we select our paper hangers purely on there experience, CP Coating have tradesmen with up to 40 years experience on wallpaper hanging, wide vinyl installation and graphic murals. We source our papers and materials globally to deliver the very best in quality papers and adhesives. Our objective is to research our clients wishes and make then happen. 


External Painting that Makes a Statement 

From listed buildings to modern and Fabricated

At CP Coatings we take great care and attention to detail in our preparation to new or previously painted surfaces, Restoration is our key aspect when it comes to producing fine quality external painting and decorating. Our goal is to achieve a substantial level of protection to exterior paintwork of homes and businesses alike .

With our experience and high level of trade skill we understand that painting your exterior requires a high level of preparation, without good preparation your exterior will need painting again in just a couple of months. At CP Coatings we exceed ourselves in quality craftsmanship starting with preparation work to surfaces. This on a whole will not only help your paintwork last longer against extreme weather conditions, but it will benefit your property externally & internally.

Once the preparation work is complete we begin with the application of protective coatings right up to the final coat providing you with the lustrous shine your property deserves.

We have a large range of equipment to ensure we can work on your property unhindered. At the end of each working day, all materials and equipment will be packed away and taken away to keep your property remaining neat, tidy and clean at all times.

CP Coatings are dedicated to the line of work we perform helping your property look great, and stay that way for years to come.

For Spraying & Refinishing Services

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  • uPVC spraying

  • Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

  • Bedrooms & Furnishings. 

  • Internal and External Spraying 

  • Sprayed Plaster

Bespoke spraying services that can accommodate for almost anything within your home or business premises.  No matter what it is CP Coatings are the professionals in customer and client relations.  Our dedicated team of office staff and tradesmen will assist you all the way when it comes to achieving your ideas and requirements.